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Time to Get Flushed - Introducing Our 1st Ever Cleanse

July 16, 2017

We are so excited that after two years of research and development that this idea of ours has produced a tangible, useful and highly sought-after product!  

The idea for Fresh Flush was born from our collective love of travel and exploring the world.  When you’re someone like us, out globe trotting or just checking out your own 'hood, it's refreshing (see, 'fresh' is everywhere!) to head out for a day of adventure knowing that you won’t have to make any unexpected “stops” along the way, many times without a good place to safely take care of business. 

My partner and I have just returned from three incredible weeks traveling in throughout Europe and starting the day with a strong coffee, a trip to the bathroom with a water bottle and our Fresh Flush Kit made the days of site seeing so much more enjoyable; none of that heavy bloated feel that you can sometimes get from travel, eating new cuisines, drinking (funky) water and having your time table all thrown out of whack.

Traveling to Europe was great, we enjoyed some truly amazing sights, ate delicious food and walked a lot.  Generally, it was pretty easy locating a public restroom or private bathroom when you needed it, but many other places it’s not that simple, and when you do happen to find one they can be pretty disgusting (can you say 1 million tourists in Venice a season anyone?!) It’s so nice to just get your business done before you head out for a day of trekking the streets. 

We met a few friends from Europe and shared an apartment in Madrid on the trip. I (Greg) brought a few of our newly produced Fresh Flush kits with me as I was pretty excited about sharing the product and we're so stoked for the packaging.  Feeling a little nervous at first (enemas as a holiday housemate gift?) but we happened to be there during a big party week and there were quite a few late nights, some playful drinking and needless to say, indulging in foods our bodies were not entirely accustomed to.  Our friends each commented on how the Fresh Flush was ingenious before heading out to the clubs for the night because they really did feel refreshed and ready for whatever came their way, gloriously happy they didn’t have to visit one of the stinky stalls in the nightclub bathrooms.  

So it looks like our unusual, yet appropriate travel gift was a hit!  Both Jacob and I sincerely hope you like it as much as our European travel mates did, and once you've made your first purchase and have enjoyed all the light, fresh and cleansing benefits of our innovative (did we mention 100% portable?) kits, we would love to hear your feedback! There's a customer reviews section right here on the Fresh Flush Kit product page >  and be sure to follow us and our Fresh Flush adventures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too.

 Until next time new friends, #getfresh and #getflushed!


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