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Surviving holiday season travel, what you really should pack!

December 18, 2017

Everyone goes into the holiday season with the highest of hopes that it will bring us joy and good vibes as we celebrate with family and friends. But, December usually presents a series of obstacles that make us feel like we’re running through a treacherous gauntlet to get to the holiday cheer. And the main source of those roadblocks to reverie is travel. To help you navigate the trials and tribulations of transportation, we’ve assembled the essential list of items to pack. Those of you traveling by private plane or chauffeured limousine may skip down to the part where we subtly try to sell you an enema.


Holiday Packing List


  1. Carry-On Bag - Avoid baggage claim, fees, delays, dreaded lost luggage scenarios.
  2. Extra Layers - It can get chilly. Jacket, sweater, hoodie, whichever you prefer.
  3. Adjustable Belt - You’ll want the option to loosen a notch or two after huge meals.
  4. Painkillers - Ibuprofen/Tylenol/Aspirin/Valium, whichever you prefer.
  5. Heartburn Relief - Plan ahead for the inevitable acid reflux and indigestion.
  6. Sleeping Pills - To deal with time zone changes & less-than-ideal sleeping arrangements.
  7. Political Shield - Politics is gonna come up, and no one’s changing anyone’s mind.
  8. Portable Enema Solution - Fits on a water bottle, easy to pack, combats bloating and food induced constipation.
  9. Patience - Your secret weapon. And it doesn’t take up any room in the carry-on.
  10. Holiday Spirit - It’s supposed to be fun. Supposed to be the good times. Make it so.

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    What the heck is an enema?

    December 01, 2017

    enema woman constipation detox


    “This town needs an enema!”

    While the Joker may have been referring to Gotham City when he made that declaration in Batman, we’d like to take a moment to tell you why he may have been talking about you, too.

    Today, we’re going to go over the basics for all you enema newbies out there. For the enema veterans, consider this a refresher course.  

    What is an enema?

    An enema is an injection of fluid into the lower bowel through the rectum. The primary function of an enema is to stimulate the evacuation of stool.

    Why use an enema?

    The most popular reason to use an enema is due to constipation. Constipation can be a result of medicine, lack of fiber in the diet, or dehydration. The enema technique helps push waste out of the rectum when it’s not flowing naturally.

    Even if constipation is not an issue, enemas can be a useful tool in periodically cleansing your digestive and evacuation systems.

    In addition, doctors often recommend enemas before colon screenings.

    What are the benefits of an enema?

    There are many detoxifying health benefits to enemas. They improve circulation, boost energy, and provide insomnia relief. The release of toxins from the colon and the forcing out of waste expends energy. Clearing the toxins from your colon allows the body to easily absorb nutrients you are putting in.

    Fact: The average human being can hold up to 8 meals before beginning the digestion process. Thus, by cleansing the system, enemas can offer an obvious weight loss benefit. Who wouldn’t want to have less toxins in their body and look slimmer?

    Though the digestive system is not always a comfortable subject for people to talk about, clearly enemas provide a valuable service to the body and can be performed in private.

    Make The Fresh Flush Kit your #1 resource for controlling your #2!

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