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The Fresh Flush portable enema idea came about from a personal desire to have a travel enema. During many of our adventures and trips, my partner and I would often get irregular or just wanted to feel extra fresh. We couldn’t seem to locate in any retail store, no matter what city or country we happened to be, a convenient, disposable and easy to carry solution. Traditional enemas required old school methods and we were also concerned with inserting contaminated water into our bodies from the sink tap.

After extensive research and numerous prototypes, we came up with what we believe is the most innovative design that fits perfectly on a variety of plastic water bottles, thereby eliminating our concerns and providing us and our loyal customers with a portable, easy to use remedy for feeling the freshest every day. Best of all, the Fresh Flush Kit is made in the USA with the highest quality, food grade silicone - a trusted cleansing companion anywhere you go.
Our exclusive, patent pending design is compact, ergonomic and perfectly discreet. The Fresh Flush Kit will easily fit into a pocket, handbag, tote, carry-on or backpack.