How is Fresh Flush different than other enema options?

The Fresh Flush Kit is 100% convenient. Our innovative design allows you to use a typical, commercial water bottle so you can be in control of what you insert in your body and when. Out and about? There’s always a water bottle close at hand so feeling fresh is the easiest thing to do.

Our enema is compact, lightweight and portable. The exclusive all-in-one, ergonomic shape of our product attaches to most commercial water bottles providing a secure, water-tight seal. Our customers never need to carry around multiple parts or bulky, awkward containers.

We're as discreet as can be. The Fresh Flush portable enema means only one pocket-size part – all you need is our innovative cleansing tool and an ordinary water bottle. Who doesn't tote around a bottle of water everywhere they go? Simple, private and compact - its that easy.

This little unit is really comfortable. The ergonomic shape has been expertly designed for safe, comfortable insertion – no more accidental poking and prodding.

100% reusable, really. The Fresh Flush Kit has been constructed from the most durable food-grade silicon – super easy to clean, non-porous and completely germ resistant.

Does your portable enema attach to any size water bottle? Yes, the Fresh Flush fits most commercially available water bottles. We recommend the regular neck, 16 oz., plastic water bottle for best results; some more narrow neck bottles can leak and those really large bottles are cumbersome.

Is it leak proof? Yes!  Fully attach the Fresh Flush portable enema to the water bottle of your choice making sure the bottle is completely inserted. Squeeze the bottle from the base (not the middle) and use gentle upward pressure.  (Using bottles made of thinner walled plastic makes it easier to squeeze.) Following these steps will ensure a leak free experience. To view detailed instructions refer to your Fresh Flush Kit packaging insert or follow along on our How It Works page.

Can I use something else other than water with your kit? We appreciate that it has become a popular practice to use tea or coffee enemas. Our experts don’t recommend the Fresh Flush for this use, we stand with the pure, clean effects of bottled water for our unique enema product.  If you have any concerns, always consult a trusted health care professional for advice or recommendations. 

What’s in the jar of my Fresh Flush Kit? To make insertion of our Fresh Flush silicone enema as comfortable as possible, we have included a container of 100% aloe vera gel as a safe lubricant.  Before attaching your Fresh Flush to your water bottle, just dip the clean enema tip in the jar for easy insertion. It is not necessary to coat the entire unit, a thin layer of lubricant will provide a comfortable application.

How often can I use my Fresh Flush enema? Fresh Flush can be used safely every day. Please follow the instructions and our suggestions for regular use.

What is the difference between the Fresh Flush Kit and an enema that you would purchase at the drugstore? Our Fresh Flush portable enema is used with clean, bottled water, where most typical enemas you find on store shelves contain other ingredients and chemicals like sodium phosphate, (a sodium based laxative) that have been known to cause side effects such as nausea, stomach pain, bloating, anal discomfort, stinging or blistering, chills, increased thirst, dizziness, vomiting, drowsiness and swelling of the ankles, feet and legs. The Fresh Flush enema also has a safe, 100% comfortable insertion tip, made of soft, flexible silicone.

Do you accept returns? Due to the intimate nature of our Fresh Flush enema, we only accept return requests on 100% unopened packages. For full details on our Return and exchange policies, please visit that page on our website.