1. DIP: the tip of the Fresh Flush in the aloe insertion gel, use enough to coat the entire unit down to the base.


2. ATTACH: the Fresh Flush to the water bottle, hold your thumb over the tip to prevent water from squirting out and press firmly with a twisting motion. The bottom edge of the Fresh Flush should completely cover the neck of the water bottle to avoid leaks.


3. INSERT: Hold from the bottom of the bottle and insert gently into the anus, using a gentle upward pressure. If it doesn’t go in smoothly use more insertion gel. We recommend being close to the toilet before you insert the fresh flush.

Correct Squeeze

4. THE CORRECT SQUEEZE: Slowly squeeze the bottle from the bottom using a gentle upward pressure to create a watertight seal. You probably won’t need to use the whole bottle, but make sure you keep the bottle squeezed as you pull the Fresh Flush out.

Wrong Sqeeze

THE WRONG SQUEEZE: Don’t squeeze the bottle from the middle! Doing so may cause leaks.


5. EVACUATE: Keep the bottle squeezed when withdrawing to prevent unwanted back flow. Relax and let the water get things flowing.


6. RINSE: Rinse with soap and hot water to keep your FF clean and ready for the next time. You can also rinse and throw it in the dishwasher.


7. STOW: Repack the FF and Gel jar back in the tube and replace the cap for a handy travel kit or throw it all in the travel pouch. “make linkable to travel pouch”


8. GO: Drop your FF Kit in your bag for a fresh, confident feeling anytime, anywhere.