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Our customers say the nicest things.

"I was so surprised when I received my first Fresh Flush enema as I was expecting it to be larger and frankly ugly as most I have tried from the drugstore are. When the cute little tube arrived with the pretty blue colored unit inside I was really happy! It's definitely compact and discreet as promised and using it is very easy to do. I've recommended this product to all my friends, thank Fresh Flush for creating something we all have wanted but didn't know how to ask!" ~ Becca M., Kansas City, MO.

  • "Wow, you guys really know how to come up with something that not only works but it fits into my gym bag and my toiletries bag without taking up space or anyone being the wiser. Really happy with the product and I hope you guys are successful, this unit is amazing." David P., Los Angeles, CA.
  • "My partner and I have been experimenting lately and to be honest I wasn't sure I would be OK with having sex "down there" but we did and it was pretty terrific but the best part was knowing I could freshen up with your Fresh Flush! Hubby ordered it for me and I think he was so thoughtful and smart because your cute little enema doesn't make me embarrassed at all - looking forward to more intimate encounters with my man and always having my Fresh Flush close by." Amy T., Austin, TX.
  • "Wow, great product - I'm impressed!" - Jake, Los Angeles
  • "I love this product! We walked past their booth at the DTLA festival and my friends and I bought them for a special festival rate. The instructions are cute little pictograms, it's easy to use and works great. I especially love it for travel." - Gigi, Los Angeles
  • "This nicely compact & discreet little piece makes it so easy to use on the go. Especially great at festivals and events (like Burning Man!) where it's next to impossible to get and stay clean. Being able to use the water bottle is a stroke of genius and I can't thank you guys enough for coming up with such a sleek, comfortable and clever solution!!" - Greg G.
  • "My partner and I ordered Fresh Flush a few months ago. It’s been amazing! We took it to Burning Man and on a few other trips and it’s been great to feel fresh for the day or whatever else might come up. We’ve found it works better on water bottles with the longer and thicker neck, but in a pinch its worked on most water bottles. It’s good to know that fresh, clean water is being used. I will never travel without it!" - Kendra

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